List of national parks and national forests in Dominica Republic

Designated and managed as the national parks system are: urban parks and recreational areas, natural habitats and zoological – botanical reserves where the country’s flora and fauna are protected. The Ministry of the Environment is the institution in charge of the development, administration, organization, and maintenance of all natural and recreational areas. Its principal objective is to conserve the natural resources as well as ecological patrimony for the perennial enjoyment of present and future generations. This list is for national parks in the Dominican Republic. For national parks in the similarly named country of Dominica, see List of national parks of Dominica. Partial list of National parks in Dominican Republic.

List of national parks and national forests in Dominica Republic:

1. Jaragua National Park and national forests

Jaragua National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Jaragua) is a national park of the Dominican Republic. Jaragua National Park is located in Pedernales Province in the extreme southwest of the Dominican Republic. Jaragua National Park has an area of 1374 km² (905 km² of which are marine), with coordinates from 17″28’N to 17’58’N and 71’16’W to 71″44’W, making it the largest protected area in the Caribbean region.

2. Los Haitises National Park and national forests

Los Haitises National Park is a national park located on the remote northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. It is a protected virgin forest with little road access. The number of tourists allowed is limited, but since 2000 it has been a relatively popular destination for ecotourism. Haitis (singular) means highland or mountain range in the Taíno language, although the elevation of the park’s hills ranges from 30–40 m (98–130 ft).

3. Monte Cristi National Park and national forests

Monte Cristi National Park (Parque National Monte Cristi) is a national park on the Caribbean Island of Hispanola that extends from the borders of Haiti to Punta Rucia in the Dominican Republic and covers an area of 550 km². Its contains coastal lagoons, beaches, mangrove swamps, a 237 m (777 ft) limestone mesa from which can be seen off shore keys and forested slopes of the mesa’s northern side. The area is very dry, receiving just over two inches of rain per year.

Other National Park and national forests in Dominica Republic

There’re some other national parks and national forests in Dominica Republic, that we don’t have enough time and information to list them here. They are:

“Parque Nacional Del Este”: in the south-east of the island between La Romana and the mouth of the Yuma river. Part of this National Park is the wonderful caribbean island Isla Saona. In the park live 110 different birds and dolphins.

Parque Nacional “El Choco” und “Las cuevas de Cabarete” – the caves of Cabarete. Only one mile from the windsurfer’s paradise Cabarete. One can swim in the caves. You can go to El Choco with horses. You will find orchids in the park.

“Parque Nacional Armando Bermúdez”: in the mountains of the Cordillera Central. Contains the highest mountains of the caribbean (Pico Duarte, La Pelona, Loma La Rucilla and Yaque.

“Parque Nacional José Del Carmen Ramírez”: in the center of the island, too, nearby San Juan de la Maguana, close to the mountain Loma De La Viuda.

Isabel De Torres National Park. “Parque Nacional Isabel De Torres” in Puerto Plata

Isla Cabritos National Park. “Parque Nacional Isla Cabritos”: on Cabritos Island in the Enriquillo Lake, in the south-west close to Haiti.

Sierra De Baoruco National Park. “Parque Nacional Sierra De Baoruco”: nearby Enriquillo Lake and the town of Barahona. Some very high mountains.

Perez Rancier National Park. “Parque Nacional Pérez Rancier”, Valle Nuevo close to the town Constanza.

Cueva de las Maravillas National Park. “Cueva de las Maravillas” – “Cave of miracles”, close to San Pedro de Macorís at the south coast. Taino paintings.