What is National park and National forest

The National park or National forest is an area of land or sea is preserved by the law of local administration. National Park or National forest is strictly protected from exploitation by human intervention. The National Park is usually established in areas with unique landforms have scientific value or areas rich ecosystems, many species are active – plants are in danger of extinction should be strictly protected strictly before the exploitation of man. The National forest is a protected area in accordance with the IUCN Category II. National Park is the largest National forest Northeast Greenland was established in 1974.

As defined by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), the National forest are: Natural area of land and / or sea, designated to:

  • protecting the ecological integrity of one or more ecosystems for generations present and future,
  • remove the exploitation or hostile occupation for the purposes of the selection of regional and
  • prepare the basis for the opportunity to spirit, science, education, entertainment and sightseeing, all of these opportunities must be compatible culture and environment.
We can thinks simple that:
  • National forest is the natural areas on land or in wetlands , islands , has an area large enough established to preserve one or more specific ecosystem or not represented or been affected little impact from the outside, the conservation of species of endemic species or endangered .
  • The National forest is managed, used primarily for the conservation of forests and forest ecosystems , scientific research, environmental education and ecotourism .
  • National forest was established on the basis of criteria and indicators: ecosystem characteristics; of animals and plants are endemic; the natural area of the park and the percentage area of agricultural land , land residents compared to the natural area of the National forest.

National Park is the largest National forest Northeast Greenland was established in 1974. Hope now you know What is National park and National forest. We’ll continue in the next post